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If you find yourself wandering around the vibrant streets of Notting Hill, go and seek out the natural delights at Nama. This Mother's Day, I wanted to treat my mum to a lovely lunch at a new restaurant called Nama, which has quickly established a reputation as one of the most innovative raw food restaurants in London.

Chilli- walnuts, mushrooms, carrots + pepper chilli, with guacamole, probiotic sour cream and corn chips.   

All ingredients are vegan, organic, unprocessed and wheat and dairy free. So what do they serve?! Well firstly, Don’t let the word ‘raw’ scare you, Nama’s creative collection of dishes will completely revolutionise your conception of raw foods. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can really take your pick at meals but if you want the fullest range of choices to tantalise your 
tastebuds, I would pop in at lunch time.

Walnut pancakes, with banana ice cream, almond/coconut crumble and blueberries. 
I opted for one of their most popular dishes: the ‘walnut pancakes with banana icecream’. These pancakes didn't taste 'raw' at all, I loved the chewy walnut base as it added a twist to the dish and tickled my tastebuds.
My FAVE smoothie: Bountiful Berries

Berries, coconut water, coconut meat, coconut oil, raspberries, dates, vanilla.

I also decided to try the ‘Green’ pizza. Nama's pizza, is of course guilt-free; with a delicious avocado cream, and a green salad on top of a crunchy walnut and courgette base, making this beauty a fantastic healthy alternative.

Courgette and walnut base- kale mix, avocado cream, caper berries, microherb salad. 

I have to say that absolutely everything was delicious and it all looked so beautiful! The presentation was certainly eye-catching; each dish decorated in a delightful array of colours.

 Oh and the desserts...I can only say that my sweet cravings were completely satisfied by Nama’s delicious Sweet Treat mix. The little bites of magic were made entirely from raw ingredients (nuts, dates, cacao) loaded with anti-oxidants, making these scrumptious snacks pretty nutritious! We left full and happy and with a goodie bag full of  some raw power balls.

Unfortunately, Nama is very expensive; with most mains over £12 and smoothies at £6.50, you’ll struggle to enjoy the full experience without spending at least £20 each.

Skinny Cappuccino with Almond Milk
However, I can confidently say that I will be returning to Nama very soon and I will be leaving with an even bigger goodie bag of treats - the raw cocao tahini balls didn't even make it as far as the bus ride home. 
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