Label.M Range by TONI&GUY at London Fashion Week 2014

Yesterday I visited the glamorous London Fashion Week. The weather was fantastic (clear blue skies, and lots of sun!), the fashion was fabulous, and of course the hair was big and beautiful. As they are the official sponsors of London Fashion Week, I couldn't wait to get down to the Label.M by TONI&GUY  hair makeover bar, to get my mane shaped into the latest runway inspired look.

TONI&GUY promised to re-vamp your hair with a choice of 3 wacky styles:

Textured Rope Braid

Pretty In Punk
The Bardot Beehive

All these stunning hairstyles featured in the Giles Deacon 2014 Fashion Show and I was so excited to try the popular Textured Rope Braid, worn by my fave model Cara Delevingne, shown here.

 Label.M have also collaborated with Tom Lynn, William Tempest and Jean-Pierre Braganza. Inspired by these looks, I too wanted to look as chic as this!

Me before:

After my hair makeover:

Essential Label.M products to get this look:

Label.M Resurrection Dust-This is a miracle powder which styles your hair to new heights. I love how it blends into your hair and creates an edgy textured matt finish! This is my must have for the Spring Summer.

Texturising Volume Spray-This combines texture benefits from a dry shampoo with the hold of a hairspray. My essential product for an instant volume with long lasting root lift. 

My friend Phoebe chose the Pretty In Punk style, and she rocked it:

I also invested in some of Label.M's best selling products (they're amazing):

Powder Pink Spray-Everybody longs to change their hair colour, and as Summer is fast approaching I wanted to try out this pastel pink spray. I can now create the on trend catwalk styles from colour blocking, dramatic highlights to ombre. Most of us are not brave enough to actually bleach our hair and die it pink.  This product is perfect for that quick and easy Pink look. It is affordable too: the small size is just £3.75, and the largest costs £9.95.

Yet again, my style icon Cara Delevigne is sporting the 'Pink' look:

 Spray the product on your hair (build it up until it's pink enough), it takes a couple minutes for it to dry and it's finished. How quick is this?

Label.M's Souffle-This is one of my favourites. It is very versatile and can be used on both wet and dry hair to create and re-invent your curly or straight texture. It contains a protective mix of Avocado, Barbados Cherry and Olive which gives your hair a glossy instant volume. Only £11.95, this is a winning product. I love how it contains heat protection (yay, my hair won't be damaged by my curlers) and it mixes well with Label.M's Resurrection Styling Dust, to create one of my all time favourite Beach look.

You can buy all Label.M products at the TONI&GUY salons, or grab some products online here:  

Label.M products help me create a youthful, street-style fashionable image that I love. Give it a go! What are your fave Label.M products?



Zoë Jordan- London Fashion Week AW14

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How lucky was I, to be invited to one of London's hottest designers!! Zoë Jordan presented her stunning Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at the Rook and Raven art gallery, to a large audience including Poppy Delevingne. Taking inspiration from the motor racing world, models stood on large triangular podiums looking as if they were ready to be seated in racing Ferraris. It was a brilliant end to London Fashion Week 2014. 

 Very excited to get a photo with the stylish model Poppy Delevingne:

 The tomboy masculine style stood out as girl-racers wore eye-catching white and oxblood leather jackets with ribbed shoulders and 'Zoe Jordan' sports badges to add her own personal signature to the looks. Of course the Underground black fur wedge boots finished off the look too!  

Keeping with the sporty sophisticated look was a beautiful floor length dress with deep side slit, complemented with the Underground Apollo black chunky leather creepers.

My Favourite Accessories:

I loved the black glasses that the models wore as a headband topping off the "racing' vibe. I also fell for the grey leather sports bags held by models. 

The Makeup: 

One of my fave brands, Bourjois created a boyish outdoorsy elegance look inspired by the Zoe Jordan collection. The Bourjois team headed by makeup artist Attracta Courtney used the CC cream and matt bronzer to create a smooth, natural sporty glowing complexion. The matt bronzer along with Bourjois' cream blush defined and contoured the cheeks. I love the prune cream eye shadow which effortlessly smudged the eyes and again defined the full brow. The new Volume Second mascara (out in May, can't wait!!) Biege lip 02, and the glossy nails,02 enhanced the quick and easy natural sporty look.  Altogether I thought that Bourjois' look matched the sporty style of Zoe Jordan's collection perfectly and I am very excited to give this look a go! This is the type of look that everyone can wear as it brings out your features, and gives you a healthy glow.  

Enjoy London Fashion Week 2014 and please look out for this look I'll be sporting soon! xx

Waterfall braids

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Waterfall braids are my all time favourite hairstyle at the moment. I find that they are perfect for every look, especially for an occasion e.g) a party. I'd like to help you create this eye-catching romantic and beautiful look.

My Top Tips:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and brushed.
  • It is much easier with long hair, but most lengths work too!
  • Use hairspray or mist afterwards to make sure your braid stays in.
  • Finally, finish your braid of with a personalised ribbon or hair tie.
1) Prepare your hair for braiding: I find that hair is best damp, clean and fully brushed before braiding. I normally use Aussie's Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Spray on the ends of my hair to keep it fresh and lusciously smooth. There is a wide selection of eight sprays for different hair types. These are packed with Pathenol ( a wonderful beauty vitamin), which works wonders on your damaged locks. I find that it also keeps coloured hair bright and vibrant at the ends, which is perfect for this look. It is a bargain buy at only £4.49 (at boots and other stores).

2) Start at the top of your head, by grabbing three strands as you would do with a normal braid. Braid your hair towards the back of your head in a french braid style. French braids are really simple and ideal for a quick awesome hairstyle! But to create the 'waterfall' look, your need to section off the last part of the first braid. 

3) Continue the braid by picking up the next strand of hair located beside the hair section that you dropped off. 

4) Cascade the hair towards the middle of your head. Then braid the remaining tail as a normal braid or go wild and shake things up, by doing a fishtail braid to finish the look. I like to finish my braid with a small hair tie of clip to match my outfit. 

Enjoy creating your unique Waterfall braid.
Please comment and post your fav hair styles!

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