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When it comes to healthy snacks, we’re spoilt for choice these days thanks to the current (healthy) food market and wider availability. While I love baking my own snacks, I always think it's a good idea to have a stack of delicious goodies in your cupboard 
or handbag, just in case! 

1) Bounce Bars: 

Bounce Balls are delicious snacks made from 100% natural ingredients. I think that the cute packaging and innovative idea of the bounce bar really works; these are small 50 gram 'balls', each with a high protein level from whey protein, and a high carbohydrate level from low GI brown rice. Best of all they are wheat and gluten free! 

The range currently includes 8 different flavours, all of which have their own important role, whether for taste, function of nutritional value. Despite the expensive pricing, I think that these heavenly bars are worth every penny! 

In my opinion, Bounce bars taste so natural, and healthy, with a great texture and flavour. With it's slow-releasing energy, these energy balls are the ideal snack to help satisfy your hunger between meals. Each Bounce energy ball contains 12 grams of protein so it's fantastic pre or post workout. Here are a few of my fave flavours: 

Coconut and Macadamia Protein Bliss:

This bounce bar is definitely a treat! It contains 9 grams of protein and is bursting with flavour. The sweetness of the coconut really excites my taste buds, and I adore macadamia nuts. The wonderful ingredients are a match made in heaven. This bounce bar is the highest in fibre and lowest in sugar. They are so tasty that I have 
no idea how they can possibly be good for you! They  contain plenty of fibre and are also high in protein (9g per Ball). What's not to love?

Peanut Protein Blast:

I love peanuts...probably too much! So it's not much of a surprise that this little number is my favourite of the Bounce Balls that I have tried. With 14 grams of protein per ball, it is perfect for that post-workout snack. 

2) Pulsin bars:

Whether you need a pre-exercise energy boost or pick me up, Pulsin's Maple & Peanut Protein Bars provide you with a nutritionally balanced, high-protein blast of sustained energy.

Blended with cold-pressed cacao butter for a smooth great taste, the Maple & Peanut Protein Bar contains 12g-15g of high-grade protein (from peanuts, rice protein and pea protein) – an essential nutrient for a healthy body and a strong immune system. 

I LOVE these delicious bars, as they are gluten free, soya free, vegan and vegetarian. I can't get enough of them, and I love to carry the Maple and Peanut Whey Crisp bar in my bag, as these healthy treats are beyond delicious! 

Why I completely adore their products:
– Pulsin are campaigning against sugar and make their snacks as low in natural sugars as possible. This means no sugar crashes, no cavities and no cravings. YAY!
– Their bars contain no nasties and are filled with only the best, natural ingredients.
– Talking of ingredients, these are sourced as locally as possible and only from sustainable sources. They are organic where possible and always GM and pesticide free.
– Packaging is made of earth-friendly materials, the business is powered with 100% renewable energy and nothing but postage is outsourced.

3) Trek Bars:

Trek Protein Bars are healthy snacks ideal for refuelling after the gym and also make a great breakfast on the go. Trek bars are perfect for busy people like me, they are packed with protein so they keep you fuller for longer while delivering a lasting energy boost. Trek Protein bars come in three different flavours: Trek Peanut & Oat Bar, Trek Cocoa Brownie Bar and Trek Mixed Berry Bar.

As I love peanuts, I tried Trek Peanut & Oat Bar first. It is made with raw fruit, raisins and dates, peanuts, oats and soya… so of course it tasted AMAZING!

4) Macro Bars:

Macrobars come in handy if your diet requires leaving out certain foods such as gluten, soy, and dairy. I have tried most of their flavours, and the Sweet Revival Sesame Butter + Dates is definitely the winner for me, as I am obsessed with tahini (it's gorgeous)  I love putting a sweet spin on tahini by mixing it with things like agave or fruit such as  bananas, and figs. After trying this bar I decided that it had to be one of the bars that I would recommend the most out of all of them! The tahini gave the bar a creamy flavor, and any of the bitterness was taken away by the dates and raisins within the bar. 

You can buy any of these bars in Holland and Barret or Wholefoods.

Have you tried any of these delicious bars? Which one is your favourite? 

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