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I've always loved Lush products. I find that they keep your skin cleansed which is ideal for a teenager.
Yesterday I went out and bought the Cupcake Face mask, and The Sweet Lips Sugar  Scrub. 

The Cupcake Face Mask

This Face Mask is designed for younger skins. It contains inseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse. 
Apply generously all over the face avoiding your eyes. It dries hard and a bit crumbly. 

It smells delicious and looks like chocolate:) 
I left it on for 8 minutes, it was easily removed with warm water. 
My face felt soft and clean, even my spots looked less obvious!

The Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub

This is a vanilla and chocolate sugar lip scrub which tastes scrumptious. Lush Sweet Lips are made from caster sugar to act as a gentle scrub, and jojoba oil to be wonderfully moisturising but not oily. Keeps lips in perfect condition for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else. It also provides a great base for lipstick too!
My lips were cracked from all this winter weather, and this is just what i needed to mend my ruined lips.
After applying all over my lips, the end result was very good. They felt nice and soft. 

This is just what we all need to help us get through the winter. Go treat yourself to some Lush goodies and feel great! 

Nicole x


Aqua Splash Teezer

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 I already have a couple of Tangle Teezer brushes, The Original Teezer In Disco Purple, and The Feline Compact Styler. I find them very useful, they un-tangle my thick hair quickly without any pain.

                                                       The Original Disco Purple

                                                            The Feline Compact Styler

I was given the new Aqua Splash Teezer. It doesn't look like the usual design because it is a long cylinder shape, with the bristles on one side. This is how it looks:

 They come in a bright pink, a funky green, aqua blue, and black. 
The brand states "the first upright, non-slip, water-loving detangling hairbrush. It just loves to dive in and save stranded hair! The hollow design makes for easy, lightweight handling, and the rounded edges allows for smooth, free-flowing detangling" 

I totally agree with the brand, this hairbrush is a life saver. It really helps to keep my hair de-tangled and fresh. I leave my Aqua Splash in my shower, ideal for my next wash. I really recommend this product, it's very useful and stylish, every girl should have one!

Nicole x



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 I'm sure every girl loves a sale like me, today i visited the Topshop sale (this is one of my favourite shops)
I bought some denim dip dyed shorts by Moto. The black looks great as it fades into the blue. 
I really like them and they go nicely with some black tights and a top. They are usually 34 pounds but I got them for 15. I recommend Topshop shorts, they are good quality, but may not appeal to everyone because they are also quite expensive.

I also bought a cute purse, made by Topshop. I love the colours and the peace sign is sweet.
This was only 3 pounds. What a fantastic deal! And the purse is ideal because I can fit my phone, money, and makeup inside it.

These are adorable, a new set of pj's again by Topshop. They were only 10 pounds reduced from 32 pounds.
I hope you like my bargains! So hurry and find yourself some good priced goodies, just like me. 
Nicole x
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