Bourjois' Smoky Stories Quad Palettes and Color Edition 24Hr Cream Eyeshadow

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If you've read my last post on Bourjois AMAZING #24hrpartyready Event, then you'll know that i promised to give a review on some of Bourjois latest products. Unless this is your first visit to Nicole’s Allsorts blog (and in that case you have some serious explaining to do) you will know that smoky eyes are totally my thing…so you can imagine how I excited I was to see Bourjois’ beautiful Smoky Stories Quad eyeshadows at their #24hrpartyready event last week. 

 The Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palettes contain three matte colours; all of these shades have a lovely, soft satin cream to powder finish, plus an additional ‘light touch’ shade, which I like to use as a highlighter (giving off a cute bright and sparkly effect that make your eyes pop!) Here are some of the shades:

Rock this khaki, I love blue, Upside brown, Over rose, Good nude, In mauve again, Ocean obsession, and Grey and night 

I love all of the eight shades ( Upside Down brown is my fave!) as they are easy to apply and blend with minimal fall-out, and I find that they also have great pigmentation. Shades include a couple of blue’s, purple, rose gold (which works perfectly for a sweet, natural day time look), brown neutrals, greys and khaki green. I must admit… I adore choosing a different Quad Palette to match the colours of my outfits!

Each of the quads comprises of four eye shadow-prime, shadow, define and highlight. The eye shadows are incredibly soft and not too powdery, and I find that it also works well if you apply the shades wet to you eyelids! I love the shades 05 Good Nude and 06 Upside Brown, which I use often individually, but the colours in both these palettes also work amazingly well together, and are a dream to blend.

The makeup artist smoked up my eyes with these gorgeous Quad Palettes in shade Grey and Night. To my delight, I was very pleased to see that Bourjois had just released two new shades in their Color Edition 24Hr Eyeshadow collection.

 The Color Edition 24Hr Cream Eyeshadows has been introduced as a" new generation cream-to-powder formula”. The fine and silky soft cream colour turns into powder upon the contact with the skin leaving you with a luxurious, silky feel.

I adore the wonderful luminous finish that these cream shadows create, to give a fantastic metallic sheen and an intense colour that lasts 24 hrs. Personally, I think that all the shades work well separately and together… I adore blending and building up the silvery and rose cream shades together, to give a softer, more natural glow to my eyes…perfect for Christmas and New Year party wear.  For a more intense night time look, I'd suggest building Prune Nocturne or any of the darker shades up some more, or using these as a base before applying powder eyeshadow on top.

Shades  Plum Purple Prune Nocturne*, and Pétale de Glace* - a dusky rose with mauve undertones. For £6.99, these are a steal!

I really like the two new shades, as they are perfect colours for the festive season and would be a great gift for christmas stockings. I recommend you have a look at the other colours in the Color Edition 24Hr Eyeshadow range. The golden shade, Désir, is the stand out shade for me with flawless pigmentation, and I find also works well for a warmer smoky eye.

Bourjois' Smoky Stories Quad Palettes and Color Edition 24Hr Cream Eyeshadows are all available at Boots, Superdrug, Asos and Beauty Mart.

Check out these links to buy:

Have you tried these Bourjois products? Which shade is your favourite? 

Bourjois Enchanting Collection #24hrpartyready Event with GHD new Curve Curlers

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I headed down to the #24hrpartyready blogger event at the famous St Martins Lane Hotel in London. Bourjois certainly know how to pull of an AMAZING event, there was lots of newness presented by expert nail and makeup artists, a team of hair stylists courtesy of GHD’s, and a FAB fashion illustrator. Tres Chic!

Firstly, the beautiful venue of St Martin’s Lane Hotel shouted pure glamour… the perfect place to get you in a party mood! The room was styled with the most gorgeous array of pink and red flowers to compliment the eye-stopping glittery product displays. I adored the elegant, Parisian vibe (a definite a winner for me) To top it all off, St Martins Lane Hotel supplied a delicious array of Michelin star worthy canapés and frutilcious cocktails.

Mango, Cranberry fruity cocktail next to Bourjois gorgeous new Velvet Lips. 

Salmon seseme seed fish cakes with a wasabi sauce. 

                                                  Mini macaroons and brownies.

Bourjois' Enchanting Collection.

I was drawn straight away to Bourjois’ new Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks, in shades 09 Happy Nude Year and 03 Hot Pepper, which have a fantastic vibrant matte, and long lasting finish. These Velvet Lips are lightweight with a thin, non-sticky texture lip lacquer that applies easily. I love how you can eat, and drink as much as you like (yet still look amazing…with no need to top up!). I wore shade 09 Happy Nude Year, which is a subtler, more wearable colour that I adore. I really recommend the Rouge Edition Velvets to ALL lippie lovers out there! 

Next stop for me was the comfy nail booth, where I got to choose a funky nail design created with their new shades of 1 Seconde nail polishes. There two new shades 44 Grey To Meet You-a lovely grey colour and 45 Gliterizer-a silver glitter, are perfect for the festive season. Bourjois' 11 Rouge In Style-a great red colour for christmas, was also displayed. 

I must admit, I did take a long time to choose my nail design and colour… but I got there in the end! I loved all the designs, yet opted for a unique twist on a Christmas look. I also loved how the 1 Seconde nail polish in shade 44 Grey To Meet You, which worked fantastically well with the 45 Glizterizer topcoat. Here’s the finished look:

I never normally wear green shades on my fingernails, yet I ADORE this cute combo- Bourjois sparkly base with a touch of green for the festive spirit! 

I popped over to Bourjois' makeup artists who introduced me to their new Quad Smokey Stories Palllettes, which are wonderful! There are 8 shades to choose from… I LOVE all of them (typical!) 

The makeup artist smoked up my eyes with the gorgeous Quad Palettes in shade Grey and Night accompanied with Bourjois' Volume 1 Seconde Ultra Black mascara and their Ultra Black Mega Liner (perfect for that night time party look)

Bourjois' new Delice De Poudre Bronzer was used to give my cheeks a warm glow. 

Bourjois have released to new fantastic shades of the Color Edition 24Hr cream shadows, which have been around for a while now. 07 Flocon d'or-a perfect golden highlight colour, and 08 Maroon Givre-warm maroon brown with a touch of gold shimmer. I love the cream texture which is easily buildable to create a light or more intense look. 

I have always loved the original 1 Seconde Mascara (check out my review: ) which I use constantly… therefore the release of their Ultra Black shade completed my evening! It works  flawlessly with the Ultra Black Mega Liner, which has an angled tip to help you adjust the shape and size of your flirtatious flick. 

GHD’s stylists totally re-vamped my hair with their new Curve Curlers...a MUST have essential to glam up and create red carpet hair styles for upcoming Christmas and New Year parties. I was glad to see that GHD’s wonderful hair stylist team offered a range of party looks to choose from… boy I was pleased with the results! I chose The Runwave Look, recommended for my long hair, which promised to give me natural beach waves.

Magically my hair was transformed… I LOVED my new look. Although my hair is naturally straight, in the past I haven’t been a lover of curling my hair, however I found that GHD’s Eclipse curve curlers are very easy to use-supplying the right amount of heat to your hair, to give a glamorous glossy finish. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my long curls were still perfect in the morning! I can’t wait to use my new GHD Curve curlers again (they also have a cool outer body so you cannot burn your precious fingers)

To top it all off… there was a live personalised fashion illustrator Lu, who used Bourjois’ products (Quad Eyeshadow’s, and Velvet Lips) to create stunning beauty portraits of  the guests. I loved how she incorporated Bourjois’ new collection of products into the drawing, to give a unique and edgy sketch. 

Lu's drawing of Bourjois' Christmas Campaign. 

Me and my drawing.

My drawing. 

I will be doing another blog on my verdict of the Quad Eyeshadows and the Colour Edition 24Hr Eyeshadows soon!

I love Bourjois’ enchanting new Christmas collection and GHD’s essential Eclipse hair curlers… what a night to remember! Thank you Bourjois xxx 

Which product is up your favourite? 

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