Maybelline The Nudes smokey eye palettes

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When it comes to partying there is one beauty look us teens look to perfect, and that's the smoky eye...I look to my fave icons for inspiration think GiGi , Kendall, the Olsen twins and of course Cara Delevingne!

The smokey eye is a universal look which suits everybody, making your eyes pop and look bigger! There are hundreds of different ways to wear a smokey eye, be it evening or night. I love mixing up my smokey eye, using a darker more dramatic one in the evening and a colourful, light palette during the day. 

From my experience, practice makes perfect and I think I have finally nailed the look with the help of my new beauty finds; the MAYBELLINE shadow Palettes in Nude and Blushed. 

Each palette contains 12 incredibly easy to wear shades, all of which can my layered and blended together. For night time statement eyes I prefer the shades in the Nudes Palette, these shades are dense snd matt, allowing you to build up the intensity for a smokin' hot eye! 
With just 3 of the shades, you can manipulate the Nudes Maybelline palette to suit you! 

These are an amazing find, great quality and value,  at just £9.99, and I highly recommend these palettes for every eye shape  skin tone and look out there.  I'd love to hear about your fave smokey eye look too! 

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush

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I am loving the new Maybelline Baby Lips Balm and Blush, just landed in stores! 

So so cute, these new Baby Lips Balm and Blush are great for on the go. No need for a mirror, apply the hydrating balm to lips and cheeks for an instant sheer tint of colour and freshness. 

They come in four easy to wear shades, and my favourite has to be Flirty Pink, a rosy pink shade which offers a "just back from a jog glow," exactly what is called for at this time of year! 

What is more I'm addicted to these sweet smelling balms and at just £4.99 I will certainly  be investing in all 4 shades; Innocent Peach, Flirty Pink, Booming Ruby and Shimmering Bronze!! 

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