Super grains 2015

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These super grains are absolutely delicious, and work well with any dish! They are SUPER yummy and SUPER nutritious... What's not to like? I love to experiment my dishes, from risottos to  sushi.... Not forgetting my fave quinoa porridge, whole milk, lots of nuts, chia seeds and coconut. 

Here is my guide to the must-have super grains 2015: 

1. Amaranth- the fitness supergrain

What: Amaranth is a gluten-free grain that looks like couscous. It can be bought as seeds, ground into flour or added to a cereal. Why they’re a superfood: Amaranth is brilliant if you work out regularly as it is high in bone- strengthening calcium and muscle-building protein. Amaranth also contains the amino acid lysine, which is great for muscle growth and repair. How to use: Simmer in water or skimmed milk for 20-25 minutes to make a porridge-like hot cereal.

2. Buckwheat- the weight-loss supergrain

What: This is another seed, usually ground up into groats, a bit like small porridge oats, and is an ingredient in gluten-free breakfast cereals, cake and biscuits. Why it’s super: Buckwheat is high in protein and fibre. It also contains two disease-fighting polyphenols: rutin and quercetin. But the star ingredient is D-chiro-inositol, which helps to stabilise blood sugar. How to use it: Use the flour to make breads and muffins. I love adding buckwheat noodles to my chicken noodle soup...mmm. 
3. Chia- the brain-boosting supergrain
What: Originating in Mexico, chia is a seed, not a grain, so it’s gluten-free. This means carbs without the bloat. And it’s a powerhouse of nutrition. Why it’s super: It’s high in omega-3 fats, which support brain function and hormone balance, and moisturise the skin. Chia is also high in fibre: eating chia daily can reduce blood pressure. How to use it: Stir a tablespoon of seeds into a smoothie, or add to homemade breads and muffins. I adore soaking my chia seeds in almond or coconut milk over night for a nutritious and wholesome chia pudding breakfast!

4. Freekeh- the high-energy supergrain

What: A Middle Eastern staple for centuries, it’s now being bigged up by both Yotam Ottolenghi and Jamie Oliver. It’s made from wheat harvested early, when still green. It’s then roasted to remove the husk. Why it’s super: Freekeh contains more fibre than brown rice and is full of B vitamins. Your body uses these to help metabolise carbs, fats and protein to produce energy. How to use it: Cook like rice and use as a stuffing, or sprinkle it raw into soup.

5. Quinoa- the anti ageing supergrain

What: Quinoa is actually a seed originally grown in Central and South America. The Aztecs cooked quinoa 4,000 years ago! Why it’s super: It has twice the protein content of rice and contains all 9 essential amino acids, important to make keratin for healthy, thick hair and collagen for youthful skin. Quinoa is a source of vitamin E, which can also protect against signs of skin ageing. How to use it: Boil or steam it like rice. Quinoa tabbouleh or  Asian quinoa stir-frys... Quinoa is so versatile!  I LOVE to snack on my homemade quinoa sushi, and my butternut squash risotto is just delicious!

7. Wheatberry- the celeb supergrain

What: Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are wheatberry aficionados. Wheatberries are whole-wheat kernels- when ground down, they become wholemeal flour. Why they’re super: They contain the brain, germ and endosperm of the whole wheat kernel. They are high in fibre and energy-giving B vitamins. How to use: Sprinkle on a salad or add to home-made bread for extra crunch. They can be cooked and served as a side dish, like rice.

What's your fave supergrain? I would love to know what superfood recipes you love? 

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