Coconut oil health and beauty benefits

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Coconut oil is amazing! It is a miracle product which isn’t just used for cooking… from your hair to your skin, coconut oil can change your life for the better. It can significantly improve your health and beauty...what's not to like?? 

Many top food nutritionists and style icons have had a huge craze for the most popular 2014  superfood. Miranda Kerr, who models for Victoria’s Secret, attributes her blemish-free skin and glossy hair to the miracle oil: ‘I will not go a day without coconut oil. I personally take four tablespoons per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea' 

Here are just some of the reasons why I ADORE coconut oil: 
1) Get cooking
It’s a total superfood in the kitchen, and one of my absolute favourite beauty staple too. It is also rich in certain proteins, which are essential for cell repair, speeding up healing time, which helps to make your skin look fresher and more radiant. I use it all the time when I cook – I stir it into my favourite creamy coconut porridge and blend it into my smoothies for a boost of heart-healthy fats. I use it in stir-fry’s to add a rich flavour to the sautéed veggies, or cover my  roasted veggies – especially sweet potatoes – in it instead of olive oil for the same reason. 

Raw coconut is one of the healthiest food you can find. Studies also show that the consumption of coconut oil is actually linked to a reduction in obesity and, in particular, stomach fat. 
Here are some of my fave recipes:

  • Creamy coconut and cashew porridge:

  • Summer berry smoothie with coconut milk:

  • Coconut curry with sweet potato:

  • Raw Coconut and banana energy balls: 

2)  Eye makeup remover that will also condition your lashes. 
Yes, coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara! Put a little on a cotton ball and gently sweep it over your eyes, paying attention to your under-eyes as well. The oil does a great job breaking down waxy, inky eye makeup, and leaves the delicate area hydrated, too. This way not only will you remove all the makeup, but also you will condition and moisturise your eyelashes and eyebrows. Isn’t it perfect?! 

3) Boosts immune system 
Coconut Oil helps build up the immune system. It boosts it by providing the basis for creating monolaurin when it is digested. Monolaurin helps kill pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

4) As a cheekbone highlighter
Nothing perks up a tired face like a little highlighter, but you don't need store-bought products to achieve the same effect. Simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of makeup and leave it alone. It looks like your skin but glowier, which is why many natural makeup brands use it as a base ingredient in their formulas. If you're looking for a more portable option, try the cult favorite Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty, which has a coconut-oil base and light reflecting pigment.

5) Reduces heart disease 
Coconut Oil is packed with saturated fats. Because of this, coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease in women by increasing HDL. It also helps transform the LDL cholesterol into a benign subtype.

6) Moisturiser 

Coconut oil is full of vitamin E, which encourages the growth and repair of our skin cells, protecting against aging and cracking of the skin and lips, while also making it beautifully smooth and soft. The oil also helps improve the symptoms of eczema and is easily absorbed by the skin.

7) Shaving cream

With healing and anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil makes an effective shaving cream that starts healing nicks and cuts almost as soon as they happen. Plus, legs get softened as you go!

8) Improves brain functions 

Coconut Oil is known for improving your brain’s function. Coconut Oil is one of the best and cleanest fuels for energizing the brain. Coconut oil helps the brain recover and improves the condition of those with Alzheimer’s disease.

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