DIY Halloween Nail Designs

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Happy Halloween! I just wanted to start off with saying, in my opinion, nail art is the simplest way to vamp up your look. So.. in preparation for my spooktacular night out,  I decided to create my own DIY Halloween Nail Designs.

You Need:

* Bourjois' amazing Nail Art Dotting Tool

* Topshops' funky pink Nail Art Brushes

* A selection of bright coloured polishes  i.e) Bourjois and Ciate nail polishes

As you can see, my nail art is not perfect, but that's the beauty of DIY. 

1)  I prepped my manicure with a base coat before applying two coats of my chosen nail shades
2)  Then I created my ghastly designs using the dotting tool to create eyes, and the brushes to create hair, mouth and fine details.
3) I finished with a topcoat to gloss up my freaky faces.

My favourite monstrous design is the Frankenstein. These are really quick and easy to create! This bright shade of green by Ciate is the perfect base colour for these haunting faces.

Here are the rest of my terrifying designs:

A pumpkin:

A ghost/skull:

A vampire:


Another Pumpkin:

A Bat:

Have a go at these creepy designs…which one is your favourite?

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