Concoctions mixology shampoo and conditioner

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I absolutely love trying new shampoos and I liked the sound of Concoction, a funky new shampoo brand with a mixology technique. You can customise your own shampoo to perfectly match your specific hair type and colour. The packaging looks like its just come out a science lab with colourful graphics on a clinical white background, making it a fab accessory to my bathroom shelf. I was so excited and intrigued to give this natural essential oil shampoo a whirl.

The steps to making your Concoction:
1. Choose from a selection of four base shampoos (each have different delicious sounding scents, almost good enough to eat: Black Pepper Citrus, Lemon Verbena, Bakhour, or Rosemary & Mint)
2. Choose from eight distinctive shots of superserum, to suit your hair type.
3. Then mix the shots into your shampoo and shake it up.

 I chose Black Pepper And Citrus as my base shampoo. 

 I mixed together Back To Your Roots and Gimme More Moisturiser superserum into my shampoo. I gave it a mighty shake to ignite the magic Concoction…

To top this experiment off, the range offers one White Lily and Cashmere Conditioner that compliments all the shampoos and hair types.

And the result? Well, I must say my hair felt extra glossy and fully moisturised. I'm inclined to think paying more for your shampoo is a worth while investment. This wacky Concoction is a great idea which is appealing, and to me worth every penny. 

I noticed the Concoction range is selling in Beautymart Topshop, Oxford circus London and online too at 

What's your favourite mix?

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