The New GHD Rose Gold Eclipse Hair Straighteners

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The very popular super straight hair trend that has been sported by many celebs and catwalk looks is one of my personal favourites... however it can prove difficult and time conusuming to achieve. Unfortunately, my hair tends to have a wave of its own, so I'm not naturally blessed with straight hair... but luckily, I am blessed with the new GHD Rose Gold Eclipse straighteners! 

In my opinion, these GHD straighteners look and feel great, from its stunning rose gold triming to its sleek plates and useful heat cover. It is designed to tame your wild and coarse hair, with the plates evenly distributing heat,to give you fabulous styling results (without damaging your luscious locks) Additionally, the straighteners have special 'cool touch' technology to keep the body cool and stop your from burning your fingers... How cool is that?
  GHD's new Eclipse straighteners definitely take styling to a new level... I LOVE the super fast results (double bonus: more time to spend on your makeup and deciding what to wear) useful for mornings when your in a hurry! 

Why I have fallen madly in love with my GHD Eclipse straightners:

The tri-zone TM technology make my styling quick and easy, heating up to 185 degrees (the optimum temp for heat styling)  in seconds (perfect for a quick re-vamp before school) 
It leaves my hair with a glamorous, glossy salon finish.
With one slide, my curly locks are magically transformed into killer-straight hair. 
I don't burn my fingers! 
My hair stays straight for more than 6 hrs.

Overall the results were impressive! Although I haven't got very curly hair, these straighteners definitely conquered my small fluffy curls and wispy baby hairs, and I've used them constantly. Its advanced features and unbeatable performance makes it the best straightners that GHD has ever launched. 
Even though it comes in at a pricey £145, it's worth it for those straightener lovers out there! If you don't straighten your hair much, then I wouldn't suggest it for you. Yet, If you've always dreamed of having straight hair at your finger tips, then turn your dream into reality and give the GHD Eclipse rose gold straighteners wirl. What a perfect item to put on your Christmas wish list! 

Me and my silky smooth hair:


You can buy the GHD Eclipse Rose Gold Straighteners online at, or in Selfridges and Boots. 

Have you fallen in love yet? I'd love to know what you think! 
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