Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and

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I have always loved photography, and having a variety of different cameras allows me to experiment. Although, technology is very advanced, with the new iPhone 6's phenomenal camera, I must admit, that the instax mini 8 is very cute and these funky cameras are a great size to keep in your backpack. 

Appearance wise, it looks simple and comes in a range of different colours, from pastel pink to turquoise blue. Moreover, Fujifilm have just launched two new fruity shades: raspberry and grape. Although it looks quite chunky, it is suprisngly light (weighing around 350g) creating trendy little Polaroids in a matter of seconds. I find that these cameras are incredibly easy and fun to use; with five exposure levels to match your surroundings and help create destintive photos. The photo quality may not be perfect, however, poleroids are very trendy and popular at the moment. The film is quite pricey, at around £1 per film, yet your special memories can be displayed straight away.... proving a good investment. 

Even though I haven't got my own instax mini 8 yet... I have had lots of fun playing around with my friends fujifilms. However, I agree that the Fujifilm Poleroid Printer is a winner for me, and ideal for  iPhone lovers out there!  If you don't want another camera, this stylish, light weight printer allows you to print out your edited photos as a poleroid! It isn't cheap, costing £129 from Amazon, yet the benefit is that you can't waste the film, as you can print perfect photos straight from your phones. It uses the same film as the instax mini 8 and it is wireless, so you can print off photos from smartphones or tablets straight away! 

As a blogger, I take lots of pictures... whether it's quick Instagram snaps or photos of events, so this speedy printer is very useful to chuck in my handbag. As you can see, the printer is very small:

There is also an app to allow you to print any photos (even from your Instagram and Facebook accounts) which is available for IOS and Anderoid phones. It looks really fun and easy to use, and all my friends love taking poleroid snaps! 

Polaroids are definitely unique and It's a great way to instantly stick photos on my wall, instead of staring at a screen. I really recommend these two Fujifilm products, and the printer is on top of my wish list! 

Do you like Polaroids as much as I do? Which Fujifilm products do you prefer? 
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